Teens in Trouble
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An exciting new vision from visionary young Director, Cory Cataldo, and lensed by renowned Director of Photography, Brandon Trost (Crank 2, MacGruber), Mad World takes into the hearts and minds of four troubled teens, who have nothing left to lose. With nothing to do in their empty lives and no one to turn to for guidance, they take revenge in a tragic fashion. After being bullied constantly, and subjected to the cruelest humiliation, the kids fight back with blinding rage. A cautionary tale, that reminds us all of the tragedy of Columbine High School, Mad World, shows us what happens when young people get ignored and hurt by the society around them.

In this suspenseful and distriburbingly dark comedy thriller, Writer / Director, Cory Cataldo, explores the pain of adolescence with shocking and emotionally-moving results. Facing the pitfalls of high school with no support from their parents and teachers, a foursome of outcasted teenagers (Gary Cairns II, Dylan Vigus, Matthew Thompson and David Huynh) are forced into adulthood much sooner than the world expected. With nowhere left to turn to, and no one caring enough to stop them, they explode in the cathartic finale to this original film.