Celebrities Who Are Artists
Famous People Who You Didn't Know Painted

If you are a fan of musicians, singers, actors or athletes then you will like this list. Some paint as a hobby and many do not know until items come up for auction. 

Here are some celebrity painters who create masterpieces in their spare time. I found a really good compilation that features big names. 

List of Famous People Who Are Secret Artists

1.  Actress Lucy Liu (abstract artist)
2. Actor Dennis Hopper
3. Musician David Bowie (studied art before being in a band)
4. Actor Johnny Depp 
5. Singer Joni Mitchell
6. Actor/ Comedian Jim Carrey
7. Musician Johnny Cash
8. Songwriter Bob Dylan
9. Singer Stevie Nicks
10. Actor James Franco

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Plenty of famous people have created art in home studios when they weren't performing, acting or touring. See some of the pictures I found of celebrities standing in front of their artwork.

Sylvester Stallone Painter
As you can see many of the pieces of art by celebrities show a style that is of an expressionist or abstract tone.

Where to Buy Celebrity Art

If you are a fan and want to buy celebrity artwork, you will want to start with a Google search by entering in the name of the person's whose artwork you want then along with the words "For Sale" then you will see a listing of portraits and paintings being bought, sold and traded. 

The site that I found on the internet is called: https://www.artbrokerage.com it is where you can see Art Dealers work for sale which includes famous celebrities such as Andy Warhol, Peter Lik, Marc Chagall among others. You can make an offer, follow the artist or ask questions. Many of the pieces are hand-signed, original paintings in mixed media.  

A company that represents celebrity artist publishes and exhibits a gallery for:

Bob Dylan
Al Hirschfeld
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
Andy Warhol

David Bowie Painter

Recommended books about Art: This book covers the caves at Lascaux to the 21st-century masters to mannerism, Renaissance, the Baroque and Rococo, Surrealism and Dada along with illustrations of global Art. 

(Art: A World History) by Elke Linda Buchholz and Susanne Kaeppele

Most beginning inspiring artist take a course called Art History in school it where we learn about the beginning of style, format and design in paintings, sculpture or decorative objects from caveman to modern contemporary artwork.

Unexpected Illustrations from Famous People

The interesting thing about paintings from creative types is that you can often see a unspoken message within the abstract artistic images on the canvas. 

Many of these pieces of drawings and illustrations can be amazing as well as bizarre but the novelty is that it was painted by a famous person who you would not know could create these types of creative projects. 

Because of many famous people being private when it comes to their expressionist art the value of such paintings can range into the millions of dollars when sold to art collectors. Read more..

If you collect paintings and like to have framed artwork and wall art or custom-made work then take a look at these pieces I have selected for you to enjoy:

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